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La storia dell’universo in 200 parole December 6, 2005

Posted by tommax1083 in General.

Solitamente i libri di storia sono mattonate di pagine che nessuno (o quasi) ha mai voglia di leggere…
Il Sig. Eric Schulman ha riassunto in queste 200 parole (o quasi) tutta la storia dell’universo…

 Quantum fluctuation. Inflation. Expansion. Strong nuclear interaction.
Particle-antiparticle annihilation. Deuterium and helium production.
Density perturbations. Recombination. Blackbody radiation.
Local contraction. Cluster formation. Reionization? Violent relaxation.
Virialization. Biased galaxy formation? Turbulent fragmentation.
Contraction. Ionization. Compression. Opaque hydrogen. Massive star
formation. Deuterium ignition. Hydrogen fusion. Hydrogen depletion.
Core contraction. Envelope expansion. Helium fusion. Carbon, oxygen,
and silicon fusion. Iron production. Implosion. Supernova explosion.
Metals injection. Star formation. Supernova explosions. Star formation.
Condensation. Planetesimal accretion. Planetary differentiation. Crust
solidification. Volatile gas expulsion. Water condensation. Water
dissociation. Ozone production. Ultraviolet absorption. Photosynthetic
unicellular organisms. Oxidation. Mutation. Natural selection and evolution.
Respiration. Cell differentiation. Sexual reproduction. Fossilization.
Land exploration. Dinosaur extinction. Mammal expansion. Glaciation. Homo
sapiens manifestation. Animal domestication. Food surplus production.
Civilization! Innovation. Exploration. Religion. Warring nations. Empire
creation and destruction. Exploration. Colonization. Taxation without
representation. Revolution. Constitution. Election. Expansion.
Industrialization. Rebellion. Emancipation Proclamation. Invention. Mass
production. Urbanization. Immigration. World conflagration. League of
Nations. Suffrage extension. Depression. World conflagration. Fission
explosions. United Nations. Space exploration. Assassinations. Lunar
excursions. Resignation. Computerization. World Trade Organization.
Terrorism. Internet expansion. Reunification. Dissolution. World-Wide
Web creation. Composition. Extrapolation? 

Il sito da cui è stato tratto questo testo è questo.

Questo potrebbe essere definito un riassunto elevato alla n…. 😛



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